Lace It EZ wig bond and removal kit

Lace It EZ Lace Wig Bond and Removal System kit

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Lace It EZ Lace Wig Bond and Removal System kit

For that natural Hairline
Skin Safe

Complete change in 15 minutes. Free DVD inside

EZ Lace-Wig Bond and Removal System
Easy Step by Step Video and Print Instructions

Enjoy the same luxurious beautiful hair that celebrities wear with this easy do it yourself solution. Finally, everything you need to secure your Lace Front Wig in on e kit. COmplete with simple and easy to read instructions. Kamelian Lace-it products focus on "CHANGE" without risk. Experience Lace-it by Kamelian... Embrace Change!

1) Lace-it Deep CLeansing Hair and Scalp Shampoo .67 fl. oz. (19ml)
2) Lace-it Detangling Shampoo .67 fl. oz (19ml)
3) Lace-it Deep Conditioner with Moroccan Oil .67 fl. oz (19ml)
4) Lace-it Moisturizing Sculpting lotion .67 fl. oz. (19ml)
5) Lace-it Skin Protector and Cleanser 1.3 fl. oz (38ml)
6) Lace-it Skin Safe Bonder .5fl. oz. (15ml)
7) Lace-it Double Sided Adhesive Tape
8) UnLace-it Wig Release 2 fl. oz. (60ml)
9) Unlace-it 2-n-1 Citrus Oil Tape and Residue Remover 2fl. oz. (60ml)

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