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Our Return Policy


(must be approved by management)

cancellation fee may apply.


We make every attempt to represent our products accurately and want our customers to be happy with their purchase. We understand, though, that in some cases customers may request a return.

Though we do not offer refunds, Customers may exchange UNUSED ITEMS IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING within 5 business days of receiving their order.

That means you can only return it in the exact condition as it was received. If you try on, cut or modify the lace, apply the items, color, style, comb, wash, use or alter any part of the item, we will not honor an exchange or offer store credit.

Please understand that these policies are necessary health precautions and we will adhere strictly to them.

Once we validate your return, stock wigs may be exchanged for another stock wig or for a custom made wig (of equal or lesser value) & is subject to a 15% re-stocking fee on all authorize returns.

Custom Made Wigs may not be returned at all.

We reserve the right to refuse exchanges if our return policy conditions are not met.

All exchanges have to be pre-authorized and multiple exchanges are not allowed.

Any un-authorized returns will be refused and returned to customer at the customer's expense.

If you need an exchange, contact us and we will issue an exchange authorization number (RA#). No exchanges will be accepted without a RA#.

All shipping and handling charges are also non-refundable. If a customer has qualified for a product exchange, will pay the cost of shipping the exchanged item.

However, we will not pay for return shipping, nor refund the original shipping charges if a customer is unhappy with the merchandise.

It is the customer's responsibility to properly package and to insure items so that they are received by us in good condition.

Customers are responsible for filing claims with the courier you use in case of loss or damage. If the returned item is unsuitable for re-stocking, it will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.

All policies apply to products purchased at We will not honor exchanges for our items purchased from any other source.

Hair Textures


Hair Textures

If you do not see your favorite texture email us with name and phone number with a picture so we can copy!



What is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is human hair that is collected directly from a single hair donor. It is also referred to as Cuticle Hair, Virgin Hair and Cut Hair. It is the softest and most natural hair on the market. The majority of human hair sold in the industry is non-cuticle hair. The hair cuticle has been stripped by using an acid-bath. However, with Remy hair, this is not done, so the hair cuticle is intact, therefore the hair is stronger. It also makes the hair softer and more natural and makes it so it does not tangle, which allows it to be ideal for longer wear.

What is Yaki Perm Straight Hair texture? The Yaki Straight texture is an African-American permed texture similar to what Beyonce and Tyra Banks wear.

What is a Lace Wig ?



"Lace Front Wig" is constructed with a fine lace at the front and offered a natural hairline. The back of the head is made of a variety of materials. It is perfect for beginner and for a quick application as you don't have to glue the back. The back is usually constructed the same way as a ordinary wig and has a comb or a clip for a quick fit. This kind of wig is usually cheaper than a full lace wig.

A "Full Lace Wig" is constructed with a fine lace (Swiss or French) all over or with some stretch materials. They offer a very natural front hair line. A full lace system is the ultimate system since it will look natural from every angle regardless of how the hair is brushed or styled. The object of a lace wig is to look beautiful and natural! You do not want anyone to ever think you are wearing a wig. A full lace system is usually preferred and is the ultimate in style, design, beauty and naturalness. You can wear it in high ponytail.

This hair system is highly recommended for people with any kind of hair loss or undergoing Chemotherapy. If you suffer from a medical condition where you have experienced sever hair loss, it's recommended to proceed with full french or full Swiss lace. This will ensure the most comfortable "perfect" fit.

People with hair can also benefit from a full lace wig. Before applying the wig you should just make sure that your own air are lay flat or corn rolled. Think about the fact that a full lace wig cost less than wearing several weaves during the all course of the year.

Unlike inferior wigs, a full lace wig is completely hand-tied strand by strand. It can be parted anywhere, styled in any way, or worn in a high ponytail just like your real hair! A full lace wig is made of 100% finest quality human hair.

What is Yaki & Silky Hair?

Yaki vs Silky Human Hair



Yaki Vs Silky Indian Remy Human Hair



It depends on a persons personality while choosing between Yaki and Silky Hair styles. Both hair styles have their own unique texture to it and both brings out different feelings towards the person who is using the style. So here are some insights on Yaki and Silky Hair.

Yaki hair
is a hair style that resembles African-American people. Yaki hair happens when people of African American region straightens their hairs. This process is known as relaxing. Yaki hair tends to mimic Afro hair that has been relaxed or hot come. There are four different types of Yaki hair with different hair texture.

Silky Yaki : This hair style is quite similar to silky hair but if it is observed closely, there are appearances of yaki ripples of small waves in the hair.
Regular Yaki : This yaki looks like the normal African American and the texture of the hair is rougher as compared to silky yaki.
Kinky Yaki : It is the look of African American hair that just went through blow dried straight and had not been relaxed. It looks very natural and similar to the original African American hair.
Coarse Yaki: This is the texture of African American hair that has not gone through any chemical process.

Silky hair is used to explain hair texture that is silky and soft. Silky hair is totally the opposite of yaki hair. Using the right products makes it easy to obtain silky hair style. Silky hair style allows the user to tie their hair in any style they like.

In conclusion, Yaki and Silky hair are two very different hair styles. It is imperative that some research on the hairstyle must be done before heading to your hairdresser for a change of style.

What Kind of Hair is used?

Our wigs are made from 100% Indian Remy Hair, Chinese Virgin Remy, Malaysian, Brazilian, Mongolian or European Human Hair that comes from one single donor.

Which Cap Style do I Choose?


There are many different style caps - the most common are the full lace cap with ear to ear stretch, the full lace cap with no stretch, and front lace only cap meaning lace in the front only.

Ear to Ear Stretch - (highly recommended) It is best used as standard sizes small, medium and large.


Ear To Ear Stretch Lace Cap


No Stretch - The lace is constructed using 6 measurements giving by customer. Follow these instructions located here to get your personal six measurement are located here.


No Stretch Lace Cap



Glue less Cap - These are the newest style full lace wig cap available. Constructed with a strap in the back and elastic around the circumference adds to secures the wig while wearing.


Glue less Cap Lace Wig



How To install Full Lace Wigs?

1. Start out with clean hair. You may corn row hair to the back, or pin hair up into a flat French roll, then place a stocking cap on to prepare for the Full Lace Front or Lace Front wig.

2. Clean the skin around the outer edge of hairline. Remember to clean all the way around with rubbing alcohol. Put the Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front wig on from the back then gently pull forward to see where you want the hair line to fall, (optional), use an eyeliner to mark where the edge of hairline falls, or make a mental note.

3. Flip or fold top half of Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front wig back, carefully apply a small thin line of adhesive. Note: Remember, (a little goes a long way).

4. Carefully Full Lace Front wig or Front Lace wig down right past adhesive and gently press down until it is Secured and in place along the forehead.

5. Continue this process behind the ears, wait a few moments (approximately 5-10 minutes) before securing the back flap at the nape of your neck.

6. Once the Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front wig is secure and dry, you may use a Q-tip along with solvent remover to clean up any residue on skin. Be careful not to get it on the edge where youve attached it, as this may cause the Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front wig to begin lifting.

Video 1



Video 2




How To Measure Your Cap Size?


How To Measure Cap Size




1. Circumference: Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hair line around the head and nape of the neck.

2. Front to Nape: Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of hairline at nape of neck.

3. Ear to Ear across forehead: At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn, up across the hair line along forehead to same point in front of other ear.

4. Ear to Ear over top:
Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear.

5. Temple to Temple round back:
From temple to temple across the back of head.

6. Nape of Neck:
Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck.


How do I Choose the Lace Color?

You want to match the lace color with your scalp complexion not your skin tone. This is because when you part the unit, you want it to appear as your natural scalp color. So, to check your scalp color - part your hair and look at the color of your scalp to determine your lace color.


Lace Colors Light Brown Transparent Dark Brown Medium Brown



Transparent: For White, Off White or Cream scalp tones.
Medium Brown: For Light Beige or Beige scalp tones.
Light Brown: For Light Brown scalp tones.
Dark Brown:
For Dark Brown scalp tones.

What is Thin Skin Polyurethane Cap?

Thin skin wigs are primarily worn by persons who have lost all of their hair. The scalp is bare and free from hair so that the thin skin can conform to the head. Thin skin is a natural looking material that adheres nicely to the scalp creating the illusion of hair coming through is hardly detectable when applied correctly. There are two types of thin skin. Full thin skin caps cover the entire head and thin skin perimters are common for persons who want a standard wig or a lace wig but only want the thin skin material around the hairline where the wig will be applied. It is important when choosing a thin skin to remember that you can only wear a  thin skin wig by adhering it to your scalp with tape or glue. Your measurements must be very accurate for a thin skin wig also.
Thin Skin
Please Note: Glue or tape will have to be used at all times to wear any of these units below!

How to reset Username/Password?

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What does the Full Lace Cap look like?

This cap style allows you to wear the wig in high pony tails and up dos.



Ear To Ear Stretch Lace Cap

How to remove a full lace or lace front wig?

These are the first steps that need to be taken when removing a Full Lace Front and Lace Front wig. Start out by putting the hair into a high ponytail. The will keep the hair from getting in the way of the removal process.

1. Take the solvent remover (works best when in a spray bottle), put along the edge of the Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front. Gently massage hairline until glue is moistened.

2. Begin slowly and gently lifting the Full Lace Front wig or Lace Front wig with fingers. If there is an area on the Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front wig that is not lifting, it means you will need to apply a little more solvent. Repeat these steps all the way around the circumference of the Full Lace Front wig or Lace Front wig until completely removed.

3. Once the Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front wig is removed, use the solvent and a soft towel to gently remove any residue left on the unit and hairline.

How to wash full lace and lace front wigs?

While wearing your Full Lace Front or Lace Front Wig: You may wash your Full Lace Front or Lace Front wig while wearing it. You just want to be sure you are very gentle while doing so. Focus on getting the hair strands clean, do not massage as you would your normal hair. Once finished, gently towel dry and blow-dry on low or just let it air dry by itself. You may then apply a conditioner for about 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

While not wearing your Full Lace Front or Lace Front Wig: Run Luke warm water in a sink in your bathroom; add a little shampoo as the water is running. Fill to about half full. Place Lace Front Wig or Full Front Lace wig into water submerging it completely. Hold the unit by the Front Lace rim and dip the unit in and out. You can do this about four or five times to be sure to remove all dirt and residue from styling products. Rinse with lukewarm water and gently squeeze excess water out.

Apply a deep conditioner (protein) is the most effective. Leave on for about 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water making sure to rinse all the conditioner out.

Let air dry or set on a towel under a dome dryer set on warm until dry.

Difference between the French and Swiss Lace?



To the untrained eye, it is hard to tell the difference between the two lace types.

Both types are undetectable.

The Swiss Lace is slightly thinner, and a little less detectable, however it is also less durable and it tears easier.

The Swiss Lace is not recommended for first time users. It is best to learn how to apply the wig and become skilled at the application prior to advancing to the Swiss Lace.

The French Lace is more durable and will hold up better over the long run.

Most new lace wig wearers  order the Swiss Lace.