Thin skin wigs are primarily worn by persons who have lost all of their hair. The scalp is bare and free from hair so that the thin skin can conform to the head. Thin skin is a natural looking material that adheres nicely to the scalp creating the illusion of hair coming through is hardly detectable when applied correctly. There are two types of thin skin. Full thin skin caps cover the entire head and thin skin perimters are common for persons who want a standard wig or a lace wig but only want the thin skin material around the hairline where the wig will be applied. It is important when choosing a thin skin to remember that you can only wear a  thin skin wig by adhering it to your scalp with tape or glue. Your measurements must be very accurate for a thin skin wig also.
Thin Skin
Please Note: Glue or tape will have to be used at all times to wear any of these units below!