Does the glue adhesive mess up your own hair line or cause hair lose?

No... a PROPERLY applied lace wig will not damage your hairline. Be sure to properly cut your lace wig leaving enough lace to hold/adhere the glue to your skin outside your hairline. Extra lace is needed to hold the lace wig firmly and avoid placing glue/tape to your actual baby/temple hairs.

It also depends on the type of glue/adhesive your using and your application preference. You may want to use a liquid/cream adhesive as opposed to tapes they allow more flexibility and freedom when you apply them to your outer hairline.

Some women prefer to tape/adhere their wig to their hairline (on their baby hairs or via shaving their baby hairs) in order to achieve a more natural look. A natural look can be achieved without doing this. Again, be sure to properly cut your lace wig leaving enough lace to hold/adhere to the glue (also, it's good to make sure your "lace" color matches closely to your skin/scalp complexion).

Also, make sure you use the proper lace wig adhesive removers - C-22, 99% Alcohol, Pure are great removers for soft bonds. For hard Bonds like Endura-Bond, use a hard bond remover. Also, and most importantly, exercise patience & care when removing your lace wig... never pull your lace wig or adhesives off with force, allow time for the solvents to RELEASEyour lace wig and glue. This will help preserve your lace wig as well as your hairline.

Glues and tapes are not supposed to come in contact with your actual hair. Repeatedly placing glue and tape intentionally on your hair line will cause eventual damage.

What kind of Glue should I use?

For a 1-10 day hold, NO TAPE silicone adhesive hold works well.

For a 1-6 week hold, you can also use NO TAPE silicone adhesive or Salon Pro BOND liquid adhesive for high temperature and humidity climates.

We have glue and lace wig bonding kits available Here

How Long will the Glue hold?

Adhesives can hold from 1-6 weeks. The holding time will vary depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin you may not get as long of a hold and should use tape.

We have lace wig tape available Here

What is a Lace Wig ?

A "Lace Front Wig" is constructed with a fine lace at the front and offered a natural hairline. The back of the head is made of a variety of materials. It is perfect for beginner and for a quick application as you don't have to glue the back. The back is usually constructed the same way as a ordinary wig and has a comb or a clip for a quick fit. This kind of wig is usually cheaper than a full lace wig.

A "Full Lace Wig" is constructed with a fine lace (swiss or French) all over or with some stretch materials. They offer a very natural front hair line. A full lace system is the ultimate system since it will look natural from every angle regardless of how the hair is brushed or styled. The object of a lace wig is to look beautiful and natural! You do not want anyone to ever think you are wearing a wig. A full lace system is usually preferred and is the ultimate in style, design, beauty and naturalness. You can wear it in high ponytail.

This hair system is highly recommended for people with any kind of hair loss or undergoing Chemotherapy. If you suffer from a medical condition where you have experienced sever hair loss, it's recommended to proceed with full french or fullswiss lace. This will ensure the most comfortable "perfect" fit.

People with hair can also benefit from a full lace wig. Before applying the wig you should just make sure that your own air are lay flat or corn rolled. Think about the fact that a full lace wig cost less than wearing several weaves during the all course of the year.

Unlike inferior wigs, a full lace wig is completely hand-tied strand by strand. It can be parted anywhere, styled in any way, or worn in a high ponytail just like your real hair! A full lace wig is made of 100% finest quality human hair.

What does the Full Lace Cap look like?

This cap style allows you to wear the wig in high pony tails and up dos.

Which Cap Style Do I Choose?

There are many different style caps - the most common are the full lace cap with ear to ear stretch, the full lace cap with no stretch, and front lace only cap meaning lace in the front only.

What is Thin Skin?

Thin skin is blend of polyurethane materials and imitates the appearance of skin. However, it is best used in cooler climates as it does not allow your scalp to breath like the full lace cap.

What is the difference between the French and Swiss Lace?

To the untrained eye, it is hard to tell the difference between the two lace types. Both types are undetectable.

The Swiss Lace is slightly thinner, and a little less detectable, however it is also less durable and it tears easier.

The Swiss Lace is not recommended for first time users. It is best to learn how to apply the wig and become skilled at the application prior to advancing to the Swiss Lace.

The French Lace is more durable and will hold up better over the long run. Most people order the French Lace.

How do I Choose the Lace Color?

You want to match the lace color with your scalp complexion not your skin tone. This is because when you part the unit, you want it to appear as your natural scalp color. So, to check your scalp color - part your hair and look at the color of your scalp to determine your lace color.

Transparent: For White, Off White or Cream scalp tones. 
Medium Brown: For Light Beige or Beige scalp tones.
Light Brown: For Light Brown scalp tones.
Dark Brown: For Dark Brown scalp tones.


Hair Texture Questions:

What Kind of Hair is used?

Our wigs are made from 100% Indian Remy Hair, Chinese Virgin Remy, Malaysian, Brazilian, Mongolian or European Human Hair that comes from one single donor. The hair can be ordered in 5 textures - Straight, Yaki Perm Straight, Light Yaki, Wavy or Curly or your desired texture.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is human hair that is collected directly from a single hair donor. It is also referred to as Cuticle Hair, Virgin Hair and Cut Hair. It is the softest and most natural hair on the market. The majority of human hair sold in the industry is non-cuticle hair. The hair cuticle has been stripped by using an acid-bath. However, with Remy hair, this is not done, so the hair cuticle is intact, therefore the hair is stronger. It also makes the hair softer and more natural and makes it so it does not tangle, which allows it to be ideal for longer wear.

What is Yaki Perm Straight Hair texture? The Yaki Straight texture is an African-American permed texture similar to what Beyonce and Tyra Banks wear.

What is Light Yaki Texture?

Light Yaki texture is another African American permed texture that is in between the Straight and Yaki Perm Straight. It is semi-shiny, yet has a slight texture similar to the Yaki Perm Straight.

Does the Yaki Hair wave up when wet?

Yes, it does wave up when wet. However, it does not wave up as easily as the straight texture.

What is the Straight Hair texture?

The straight hair texture is the natural state of the Indian Hair as it comes from the donor.

Does the Straight Hair wave up when wet?

Yes, the straight here does wave up when wet.

Can I straighten my wig that has wavy texture, or curl my straight-textured wig?
Yes! Your wig is 100% human hair so it can be treated as such.

Can you tell that it's a wig?

That is the beauty of the full lace wig - it is totally undetectable and creates an incredibly natural hairline. See Pictures -Click Here. No one will know that you have a wig on, unless you want them to know. The wig is glued to the entire outside perimeter of your head creating it's own invisible hairline. We provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to put your wig on. You will be able to put the wig on yourself just like a professional and get the same flawless hairlines as you see in the picture.

Who makes the wigs?

Our lace wig are custom designed-hand made by our professional manufacturing plants in CHINA with wig specialist who have over 30 years experience in designing wigs.

How Long Does It Take For A Custom Full Lace Wig To Be Shipped?

It takes approximately 12 to 15 days Express Shipping/ 20 to 25 Days Standard Delivery. Each wig is custom made to your measurements and specifications, with each individual strand of hair being hand tied and double knotted to ensure the highest quality.

How Long Does A In-Stock Full Lace Wig Take To Be Shipped?

It's dispatched within 24 - 48 hours.

Plus 24 hour grace period for cancellations.

We have 2 to 3 Days Express Shipping And Processing and 3 to 5 Days Standard Shipping And Processing.

Shipment - Once your wig is finished and inspected, it will ship via with Insurance and Signature Required via UPS or FedEx.

Do you have any In Stock Lace Wigs?

We have over 15,000 In Stock wigs in all the time. They will be in the In Stock Wigs area of the website.

How is the wig designed?

All of our wigs are hand-crafted using invisible lace. Then the individual pieces of 100% Indian or Chinese Remy Hair are then skillfully hand-tied into the lace and double knotted to prevent shedding.

Who Can Wear These Wigs?

These wigs are for anyone - both young and old. Adults, Teens and children. They are also perfect for cancer patients, alopecia patients, and anyone going through hair loss due to chemotherapy or scalp disease.

I have a head full of hair - Can I still wear this wig?

Absolutely! All you have to do is braid your hair in small flat cornrows either in a beehive or straight back. Or you can wrap your hair flat back. It's that simple!

How long will my wig last?

Your lace front wig can last for many years, depending on your proper care and usage of your wig. We provide you with full care instructions free with every wig purchase.

Can I Style my wig?

YES! Remy Hair can be styled just like regular hair. You can perm it, dye it, set it, blow dry it, hot curl it, etc. It is 100% Virgin Human Remy Hair and will style like your own natural hair do.

Can the wig be parted anywhere?

Yes, all of our wigs are Freestyle, which means that you can part them anywhere. Choose "Yes" under the Freestyle Part Option.

Can I wear the hair in high ponytails, up dos and braids?

Yes, the full lace cap allows you to wear those styles. See how natural it looks - click here.

Do the wigs come cut?

We recommend your hairdresser style and cut for you.

Can I color/highlight my wig myself?

Yes! Because our wigs are made of the finest 100% human hair, it can be treated as such. You can color or style it in any way. Please keep in mind, however, that it is human hair. And just like your own hair, too many chemical processes can eventually be damaging. It is best to allow a professional cosmetologist or wig specialist do this process for you. Also, be sure not to get dye on your lace.

Can you tell that it's a wig?

That is the beauty of the full lace wig - it is totally undetectable and creates an incredibly natural hairline. See Pictures - Click Here. No one will know that you have a wig on, unless you want them to know. The wig is glued to the entire outside perimeter of your head creating it's own invisible hairline. We provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to put your wig on. You will be able to put the wig on yourself just like a professional and get the same flawless hairlines as you see in the picture.

Do you charge extra for Baby Hair and Highlights?

No, all in stock wigs come with baby hair all the way around.

Yes, we do charge an extra fee for Highlight options

Does the wig come with Baby Hair?

Yes, All of our wigs come with Baby Hair all around the perimeter.

What are Bleached Knots?

Bleached knots are a technique where they bleach out the knot that is made when each strand of hair is hand-tied into the lace at the base of the cap. It bleaches the knot out, making it a little lighter so that it does not stand out as much. It gives it a more natural appearance as though the hairs are growing out of the scalp. This is recommended when you choice a dark hair color.

What does Density mean?

Density is defined as how thick or thin you want your hair to be. The standard and most popular choice is 115% ,which is Light Medium Density. You Can Request More Density.

Where is the Color Chart?

Click Here

How do I Measure my Head?

For Picture Illustration and detailed written instructions that show you exactly how to measure your head. You do not need to have a professional measure your head. It is very easy to do by following the directions listed on the How to Measure page.

Click Here

What is the Highlight Mix Rate?

If you want highlights (streaks) then choose 70-30% highlights. If you want 2 colors equally blended to appear as one mixed color, choose 50-50% Equally Blended. However, please note that when choosing Equally Blended, the predominant color will be the lighter or brighter of the two colors. Example: If you order #1B and #30 Equally Blended as One Mixed Color- your wig will appear to be a #30 as it will be the more predominant color.

What else will I need to order with the wig?

You will, at least, need to order your adhesive and adhesive remover to apply and remove your wig. However, most customers order the Adhesive Kit, which includes the tape adhesives, No Tape silicone liquid adhesive, Scalp Protector and a few other things that are recommended. It is less expensive to purchase the kit, than to add products separately. You can simply select "Add Adhesive Kit" when you are choosing your wig options.

Payment Methods:

What Payment Method do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal (we are a Verified Paypal merchant), and Western Union Payments.

Send Western Union To LLC

Cornelius Redding

Po Box 90803

Atlanta GA 30364

Do you have Payment Plans?

We require at least one half of your payment up front. This deposit is Non-Refundable.