One of the biggest concerns women buying wigs express is that they don’t look natural enough. Silk top wigs offer a solution to this problem by being the most realistic looking lace wigs one can buy. Silk top wigs are growing in popularity worldwide due to not only their look but also functionality. Here’s why you should invest in a good silk top wig.

Offers Ventilation to the Scalp

Regular wig wearers often experience dryness and itchiness on their scalps. This may be due to the lack of air reaching their scalp because of the fabric of the wig blocking it. Silk top wigs have a ventilation feature that allows for multi-directional parting. This ensures that the scalp and natural hair get the necessary ventilation and moisture that they need. 

You Can Put It On Without Any Adhesives

Silk top wigs are also ideal for wig wearers who don’t want any adhesives or glues near their natural scalps. In addition to gluing or taping your wig on, with silk top wigs you can also clip on the unit or sew comb it on with the silk top. This can protect your hair from the harmful chemicals that may be found in glue.

You Can Style Them However You Want

A common complaint most women have about wearing wigs is that you can’t style them in a variety of ways. You usually have to sport the style they originally came in and if you try to experiment with it, it starts looking unnatural.

This issue can be avoided with the help of a silk top wig. You can style it however you want, like in a loose ponytail, a bun even cropped in a bob. It can also be parted  according to your wishes because of its multi-directional parting.

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