MsCendie wearing Complete Lace Frontal Sew In Kit with Silk Top

 I have been so pleased with the professionalism of the customer service department.

When I ordered the bundle package of hair with the closure piece, Cornelius was so

quick to make sure that my order was right and that I was happy with my hair.

There was a small error when the hair arrived and he immediately had the right hair

shipped to me as he promised. The quality of the hair is some of the best I ever purchased,

 so I look forward to being a customer of Discount Beauty Depot for a long time.



To Whom It May Concern,


I am wearing a full lace Chinese virgin Remy 22" wig at 160% density.

I love this unit, it looks and feels so natural and it doesn't shed. Its very

 easy to maintain this unit. When i wash it all i have to do is dab a little

 shampoo and let it set in luke warm to cool water for about 20 minutes.

Then i go to the conditioning part of the washing process. And to do this

 all i do is fill the sink up half way full with cool water and pour 4 cap fulls

 of conditioner into the water and give the wig a swirl in the water and

 let it sit for 30 minutes. After this process is completely done i then

give this unit a complete rinse by running the wig under the faucet

for about 1 -3 minutes making sure all of the conditioner is out. By

doing this it keeps the wigs flow to it because its not weighed down

 with any leftover conditioner. I then shake it dry over the sink and

lay it long ways in a thick bath towel  and place the wig over the

fan to let it air dry or about 1 hour and its good to go. 

I have gotten so many complements on my full lace unit, people

 think its all my hair. I can style this unit in all different ways for 

 every different occasion. I can wear it up, down , braided, curled, 

 straight, humps, pig tails and i can even dye it, its my choice. 

I am so happy with this unit i wear it all the time.


Thank You,

Miss Latasha Gaston 

Lansing, Michigan



This is my first lace front wig. I usually wear my hair alot bigger 

but this still looks nice and is a great quality of hair. 

The lady who put it on wet it and comb out all the curls

and I was livid but I pin curled it very easily myself and it looked great. 

I have gotten plenty compliments and will definitely buy 

from discount beauty depot again. The customer service

is great and they are very helpful and determined

to satisfy the customer.


 Miss Kissa Jo 

Atlanta, Ga




I am one of your customers from last summer 2009, and I must say that

 I am enjoying my wavy lace wig, it is very soft and manageable, and I

have not encounter any tangle, with my lace. I got so many compliments;

the first time I wore it was to Florida in the summer time and boy! ,there

 were so many people asking where did I get my lace wig, it looks and feels

 so natural, it make me look so beautiful, I wore it several times and

straighten it then I wet it and it becomes wavy again. I cannot live without

 my lace wig, definitely not, I am addicted, and the fact that it doesn't

 shred or tangles at all, it can last for long, the only reason why I am

ordering more is because I get tired of the same style after a while.

But I will never get tired of my lace wig.

Whenever i wear my lace wig, my natural hair under the wig grow

 a lot because you don't bothers it, there is no tugging and pull or

 combing each day, so it get a good break, so that also protection

for my natural hair when, wearing the lace wig. I would not trade

my lace wig for nothing, i am done with half wigs, ponytails, sew

 on clip-on etc.

I love my lace wigggg!


 Elaine Hamilton