"Lace Front Wig" is constructed with a fine lace at the front and offered a natural hairline. The back of the head is made of a variety of materials. It is perfect for beginner and for a quick application as you don't have to glue the back. The back is usually constructed the same way as a ordinary wig and has a comb or a clip for a quick fit. This kind of wig is usually cheaper than a full lace wig.

A "Full Lace Wig" is constructed with a fine lace (Swiss or French) all over or with some stretch materials. They offer a very natural front hair line. A full lace system is the ultimate system since it will look natural from every angle regardless of how the hair is brushed or styled. The object of a lace wig is to look beautiful and natural! You do not want anyone to ever think you are wearing a wig. A full lace system is usually preferred and is the ultimate in style, design, beauty and naturalness. You can wear it in high ponytail.

This hair system is highly recommended for people with any kind of hair loss or undergoing Chemotherapy. If you suffer from a medical condition where you have experienced sever hair loss, it's recommended to proceed with full french or full Swiss lace. This will ensure the most comfortable "perfect" fit.

People with hair can also benefit from a full lace wig. Before applying the wig you should just make sure that your own air are lay flat or corn rolled. Think about the fact that a full lace wig cost less than wearing several weaves during the all course of the year.

Unlike inferior wigs, a full lace wig is completely hand-tied strand by strand. It can be parted anywhere, styled in any way, or worn in a high ponytail just like your real hair! A full lace wig is made of 100% finest quality human hair.